Four causes

Can all the possible causes of mood disorders can be split into just 4 categories?


If so, how much do you feel each category is responsible for any challenges you are experiencing?


I think the answer we give to this question will depend on the day we are asked and even on the time of day.


Here is how I answered this question for myself early morning on 23rd December 2009:


Stressors can be grouped as:
1. Genetic and things that happened before we were born
2. Various stressors that have happened to us from birth up to recent times.
3. Unavoidable stressors that have happened recently and may still be happening
4. Things you choose to do that cause stress for you.



Extract from Bipolar Recovery Bite-size© " may be surprised at how little I seem to believe I can control the stressors in my life. I am not alone in thinking this way. However, it is not about how big or small this slice (4) may be. It is whether you are able to see this slice at all on your own chart."


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