Bipolar Recovery Bite-size


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Some comments from readers...


"Just to let you know that I am finding Bitesize to be excellent and have started to use the mood map as it is so much better than the old chart." Gill T. Lincolnshire


"WOW! If I could I would give this Bite a 10 ! How did you feel putting yourself out there with explaining "lazy" and how it was used in your youth and affecting you for life?? I truly hope that your insight into it's effect on you opens the eyes of everyone that reads this Bite. The way you have written this Bite should cause some serious thinking and awareness for people that use words without thinking first. I have to say this is EXCELLENT!" Brenda H. Alberta, Canada


"Roger - you have a real gift." - Alison F. London


"It was a really different concept for consider the difference between moods and feelings. I'd kinda thought of them as the same. It was VERY helpful! Anytime I have new things to 'ponder' it's forward movement for me. Thank YOU." Beth A.


Comments about previous series from Stop Paddling


"Thank you for the excellent reminder of what a smile is truly all about."


"A wonderful way to help others. I am honored to know you."


"Sailing Ideas 12 - Choosing your attitude: Hi Roger, I like this one - easy to understand! It certainly makes you think about your attitude - brightening your life and others."


"You made me stop and think about just how much things have changed but all for the good. Thanks Roger for opening my eyes to the good in this change we have made."


"This newsletter sure is an eye opener. It is so true that just smiling does not give you that true connection with another person. I remember working at a very stressful job..."


"I am so pleased you talked about Pay it Forward, not just the movie, but how it can help everyone. I think I had mentioned the movie to you and how profoundly I felt about it. Loved this news letter and I hope all the people that read it either already know about Pay it Forward or check out the movie. The idea works in so many ways for all of us."


"I have now signed up both my Husband and also my Father-in-Law to your mails & they are certainly benefiting from your knowledge and help as well."


"I am enjoying the issues, which are making me think. Often I should like to read more."


"WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a topic that will hit home with so many people. "


"I find your Sailing Idea/newsletters very interesting"


"Congratulations on 8 years with no hospitalizations. That must be a wonderful feeling. Be proud of yourself "


"This one is great a definite 10. I think you will spark some good ideas in peoples minds with the meme concept."


"A lot of the content of your emails confirm points that I have been thinking about or believe in. This part about balance is extremely prevalent in my life at the moment, and I believe that if you don't give balance some thought and make a statement for yourself, you can find yourself being carried away doing something that may put your mental health at risk. It's a very important area."


"Great stuff Roger"


"I look forward to the next paper they are so open and easy to interpret Keep up the good work they help me understand some of the people I deal with as a volunteer."


"Yes I do read all the issues, and some I pass on to my colleagues, I do find them interesting and it has been useful to use some examples with clients I work with." Rashmi


"Hi Roger

I think your articles are very interesting and certainly develop peoples awareness once they read them. Know I have when I've read them." Sophie Pickess, Team Leader, Amber Valley Association for Mental Health.